Silf, Swedish National Association of Purchasing & Logistics

Silf, Swedish National Association of Purchasing & Logistic, was founded in 1956. Today the association consists of 2500 members in the field of Purchasing ans Logistic Professionals.

Improve the skills of our members

The main objectives for Silf is to improve the skills of members and their professions and to promote the members' competence development. Also to improve the efficiency, profitability, and professionalism in the business world of Supply Chain Management and for the public procurement administration.

Training programs

Through Silf Competence, we offer training programs in Purchasing & Procurement, Logistics, Business Negotiations, Business law and Economics. The competence development is carried out through international certification programs, corporate training, skills test, and seminars. The international approvals are related to the standards of IFPSM and ELA.

We turn expertise into sustainable profitability.

For application and any questions
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