Supply Chain Outlook 2017 - English presentation

"Digital Innovation in Supply Chain"

Location: Conservatory (Vinterträdgården), Grand Hôtel
When: 23 November 2017
Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Do you and your organisation have what it takes to face all the challenges arising in a world of constant change presenting ground-breaking innovations within purchasing and logistics? How can you use digital power and reduce the risks posed by an increased seamless flow? Not to mention what happens within AG, VR, Big Data and all the other definitions that the future holds? During the day, we will provide answers to these and to many more questions affecting your dynamic future. We help to think the right away and to act quickly.

Welcome to your most important and most obvious meeting place regardless of the level, focus and market within purchasing, logistics and supply chain. As usual, an eventful day in the Conservatory at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm with the network and skills development in the form of seminars, interviews and interesting speakers. This year’s theme: Digital Innovation in Supply Chain. Reserve your place today!


Bettina Kashefi

Senior economist, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

Bettina Kashefi"Economy in Sweden, Europe and the World"

The world stands before a turbulent period next year. This will result in a predictable unpredictability due to such things as Brexit and the USA’s new direction in 2017. Over the course of the year, Sweden has experienced an economic boom with a good and increasing level of growth. However, the risk of a setback cannot be ruled out. This will most likely affect both purchasing and logistics, and not least the flow chain. That is why we need to have a look at our preparedness and to consider what we can expect in the future. Bettina will also present new reforms that will have a major impact on the future and on the economy in the world at large.

Ron Gidron

Technology Evangelist at CA Technologies, Involved in people, technology and the trails

Ron Gidron"How machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data are shaping automation in the supply chain of tomorrow"

Automation in supply chain is constantly gaining importance and becomes one of the key enablers for digital transformation, compliance as well as driving agility in business evolution. Ron is one of few that can simplify complexity and embrace change. Sometimes the best ideas seem obvious. Why didn’t I think of that, and how did we ever do without it? He has spent the last 14 years in product management in both startups and large enterprises. Ron's passion lies in the intersection of software, users and market trends.

Jonathan O'Brien

CEO Positive Purchasing

Jonathan O'Brien“How to buy digital success as a CPO”

“How to buy the right digital tools for your function if you are a CPO transforming procurement”

With a plethora of companies offering the latest digital solutions for procurement we explore what is really needed to better enable strategic procurement, what the perfect digital solution looks like and how to avoid buying solutions that don’t get used or fail to live up to their promise.

Per Ädelroth

Chief Supply Chain Officer på Axis Communications

Per Ädelroth, Chief Supply Chain Officer på Axis Communications"Supply Chain development and digitalisation - Axis ideas and experiences"

Per talks about his challenges in the role as both a purchasing and logistics manager in a very rapidly growing and technology-intensive industry. With increasing requirements for innovation and development, all change must be conducted in a convincing matter through the combination of initiative and innovation at a high tempo in order to stay at the forefront.

Per was the winner of the Supply Chain Professional of the Year prize in 2016 with the following rationale: With a clear focus on the big picture, on differentiation and on long-term sustainability, Per has implemented changes that have clearly shown how the modern value chain can contribute to both increased efficiency and growth.

Håkan Lidbo och Ebrahim Isaacs

Owner of Gotofuture

Håkan LIdbo

Ebrahim Isaacs

"In just a few minutes, new ideas are generated for one’s own business on site during the day"

As children, we use our imagination without any trouble. From morning to evening there are new worlds without limitation where anything at all can happen. Then we grow up and we are faced with a world of endless deadlines that leave us little room for new ways of thinking. Research shows that creativity flourishes best in dynamic social situations. Good ideas come about in interactions with other people, over a cup of coffee or at an after-work gathering. Ideas take root and grow in new environments with the help of new impressions. This is exactly what happens in the Conservatory at the Grand Hôtel when we play the “Makanatsu” innovation game.

Niklas Hedin

Managing Director at Centiro

Niklas Hedin, Vd Centiro"Digitalisation 2.0 - Where the Digital Becomes Physical"

How are you as a purchaser and logistics provider affected by the new unknown challenges of the future?

We live in a time when nobody can avoid the upcoming challenges and turbulent changes, where the digital waves are rolling in over everyone's beaches, where the business models and supply chains are fundamentally affected.

Niklas Hedin, founder and Managing Director at Centiro, leads you in a discussion as to what digitalisation will mean, and where we are headed. Niklas is active along the frontier between the digital and physical words, and he is curious about how you relate to it all.  Do you see it as a threat or as an opportunity?

Harry Mulic

Managing Director Elgiganten Logistics

Harry Mulic, MD (VD) Elgiganten Logistik AB"Are you ready to take on the digital solutions of the future in the supply chain?"

If you want to improve your business operation, you need to maintain control over it yourself. As Elgiganten’s logistics director for Northern Europe, Harry Mulic is responsible for goods and installation services arriving on time and at their right locations - and not least at the right cost. It is about synchronising goods from the chain’s 390 department stores, and thereby making sure that the constantly growing number of customers that shop on-line receive their orders. There are complicated logistics streams that not only deal with systems and information; rather, they will involve thinking outside of the box and finding new smart digital solutions. Elkjøp/Elgiganten is among the top ten of the Nordic region’s most highly ranked companies in terms of maturity within digitalisation.

Agnieszka Obuchowska and Benny Hall

Director EMEA Shared Services, Shared Services, Getinge AB and CPO Indirect Purchasing, Group Operation, Getinge AB

Agnieszka Obuchowska

Benny Hall

"Purchasing - Digitalization in reality"

Getinge started a transformation journey to become one company 2015, Agnieszka and Benny will share; learnings and challenges from shared services center and indirect purchasin. In the shared services center, the digital agenda have developed from ideas to implementation with first benefits realized.
Agnieszka will talk abouth the experiences, challenges and benefits from working with digitalization in reality, through the organization, lean optimization and automation. The plans and future outlook for new opportunities of areas for digitalization will be shared.
Benny will contribute with the experience and learnings from creating and transform an indirect purchasing organization to meet business requirements, leverage shared service center potential and optimize the delivery.

Mark Perera

CEO Old St Labs - Founder Procurement Leaders

Mark Perera"Supplier collaboration at its best"

The future of procurement and in fact all business relationships is about collaboration and the co-creation of value. Supplier collaboration has moved to the top of the agenda at leading procurement organizations across the world. Mark will give you best practice and recommendations on:

  • Aligning suppliers with business objects to enable joint problem-solving.
  • Creating and delivering on an innovation pipeline with suppliers.
  • Ensuring suppliers are growing with your business, so both parties can navigate the digital disruption that is impacting all organizations.

This will all be set against the background of supplier collaboration and innovation and the digital evolution of procurement.

Mark has 20 years’ experience building and delivering high value enterprise solutions to help large corporates work smarter. Mark is passionate about solving problems, innovation and technology.

Robert Karjel

The only Swedish pilot to have been trained by the US Marine Corps and to have flown its attack helicopters

Robert Karjel"Works best under pressure"

In the spring of 2010, Robert Karjel was posted in the Gulf of Aden by the Somali coast. He was on assignment by the UN and EU to lead his helicopter division in its task of combating the pirates located in the area. Prior to his assignment in Somalia, he had very little time to prepare his unit for the operation. At that time, the organisation was marked by past failings within the armed forces’ helicopter operations, where prestige projects were substantially delayed and many colleagues died in air crashes.

In spite of the circumstances, the naval force in which Karjel and his division were included succeeded in warding off more than 100 pirate attacks and in escorting food and medicine to millions of starving people in Somalia. It was a feat that attracted considerable attention, both at home and internationally. In 2013, a new unit that Robert created with Black Hawk helicopters was formed in Afghanistan.

Robert Karjel’s esteemed lectures deal with how one gets an organisation, as well as an individual employee, successfully to face completely new assignments in spite of difficult external and internal circumstances. He provides inspiration and insight into how the “impossible” can be divided up into manageable parts without the entirety being lost. Karjel shows how managers create successful organisations by generating motivation within an individual and how to turn an individual’s fear of failure to a common sense of wanting to achieve something great.

Robert Karjel has an MSc in Engineering Physics. He was trained in the US Marine Corps and in 2005 he was a Copeland Fellow at the prestigious Amherst College in Massachusetts, where he worked as an author.

Elin Nilsson - Moderator

Elin Nilsson - moderator SCO 2017Ph.D and Assistant Professor at Umeå School of Business and Economics. Researching in how consumer purchasing behavior is affected by digital interactions such as gamification.

Andreas Takacs - Moderator

Anderas Takacs Moderator SCO 2017Head of Business Content, Silf. Senior delegate International Federation of Procurement and Supply Management.



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