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Silf has a unique position in Sweden and internationally as our offer extends the entire supply chain with more than 40 modern open class course titles, all developed and owned by Silf. We work with continuous improvement and cooperate closely with our customers to develop and create new courses aimed at contributing to the competence development of the profession.

Silf’s learning methodology

Silf’s learning methodology is based on applied theory, meaning that the customer understands and can apply the theories immediately after the course, all learnings can be understood and applied in their daily business immediately.

Internationally recognized diplomas

Silf is based in Sweden but is linked internationally to the standards and organizations of IFPSM - International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management and ELA - European Logistics Association. As a result, all participants in our programs get internationally recognized diplomas. Silf is also a member of the boards of both IFPSM and ELA to improve and change the view of how a senior logistician or purchaser should perform internationally.

Our mission

We are a foundation and our mission is to promote the role of purchasing and logistics, and we are dependent on delivering good results and a strong cash flow in order to keep developing the skill, ability and competency of those working within the fields of purchasing and logistics. All earnings are reinvested to promote the profession, we sponsor professors, research and development to improve the roles of those working within the field of Supply Chain. We also run the association Swedish National Association of Purchasing & Logistic for swedish purchasers and logisticians. We have managed the foundation for more than 60 years and will continue to do so for at least 60 more years to come.

We follow our customers - company internal training

Silf has a long history of doing business in Sweden and internationally. We follow our customers abroad, offering the same competence development opportunities no matter where our customers are situated. We are very flexible and offer a diversity of services depending on the competence development, methods and learning infrastructure each customer requires. Our fastest growing business area is company internal training through customized academies. When arranging an academy, we take responsibility for both content, competence development sessions and the services and logistics needed to arrange an academy. This is a service we offer as part of our core business, assisting large corporations and organizations in securing the competence development of their Supply Chain departments.


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