Supply Chain Outlook 2019 - English presentation

"Risk & Resilience in Supply Chain"

Location: Conservatory (Vinterträdgården), Grand Hôtel
When: 21 November 2019
Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Welcome to your most important and most obvious meeting place regardless of the level, focus and market within purchasing, logistics and supply chain. As usual, an eventful day in the Conservatory at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm with the network and skills development in the form of seminars, interviews and interesting speakers. 


Niklas Källner o Elin Nilsson SCO 2019 Silf     

Niklas Källner and Elin Nilsson

Journalist resp. researcher at Umeå University

Niklas Källner's breakthrough in Sweden and Scandinavia was as a reporter in Skavlan. He had in the program shorter sections with warm, curious and entertaining interviews with both children and adults. In addition, he has been the host for a number of TV productions. In 2015, he made his debut as author with the book "Tills man dör lever man” (“Until one dies one lives”), and now he is up to date with his second book and lecture "Och bilen går bra?” (“And the car is going well?") about cold talk, relationships and life.

As a journalist, Niklas Källner has always been driven by his curiosity, and he has learned valuable tricks to get as much as possible from the one he interviews. He has a personal style and charisma that has made him popular for a wide audience.

Elin Nilsson researches and teaches at Umeå University School of Economics with a focus on consumer behavior, trade and digitization. She is responsible for development and quality of the programs “Master of Science (MSc) program with a specialization in trade and logistics” and “MSc program with a focus on service management”. She defended her thesis "Where to shop - understanding consumers choice of grocery stores" where the focus was on how consumers choose stores and how different situations affect their choices. Following the public defense, Elin received a post-doc scholarship from the Trade Council to study consumer attitudes to digital interaction (such as gamification) and how this affects consumers purchasing behavior.

Macro economic outlook and current economic trends

Olof Manner SCO 2019 Silf     

Olof Manner

Senior advisor, Swedbank

Olof Manner describes Swedish and international economics on the basis of Swedbank's economic report and will speak about both geopolitics and what in the short term can change the view of economic development ahead.

Manner started in the financial industry in the mid 80's. 25 years at Öhman Fondkommission in various positions (interest rate manager, vice president, senior advisor). Since 2014 at Swedbank where he has been Head of the macro analysis and Analysis Manager. Today Senior Advisor at Swedbank.

Food, people and making difference for real

Kristina Fransson SCO 2019 Silf     

Kristina Fransson

Supply Chain Director, Orkla Foods Sverige

How do you build and develop a team that makes a difference for real? A team that manages crisis situations and the impossible challenges with the assurance that we will solve this - together. What is it that characterizes the individuals and the team who dare to work both to deliver short-term results and to really make a difference in the long term? Kristina, the Supply Chain Director who loves food and people, shares her recipe to succeed in this.

Short Bio:
Kristina Fransson is the Supply Chain Director of Orkla Foods Sweden and was the winner of Supply Chain Professional of the Year 2018. With the burning interest in people and leadership as a common basis in all roles, she has the experience of leading and developing teams both as project manager and line manager, primarily within the food industry.

How do you control 40,000 suppliers in a decentralized project-controlled organization?

Martin Nielsen SCO Silf  2019    

Martin Nielsen

Group Procurement Manager, PEAB AB

Creating safe and fair workplaces, quality-assured suppliers and sustainability for people, the environment and business is challenging in itself, perhaps even more in the construction and civil engineering industry. Listen when  Martin Nielsen, Group Procurement Manager at Peab, tells us more about the work of creating Safe business.

Purchasing’s identity in business and society: future challenges

Arjan van Weele SCO 2019 Silf     

Arjan van Weele will lead an unique workshop

Prof. dr Arjan van Weele

Over the past decades purchasing supply management has gained significant recognition as a key business function. As companies and governments have started to outsource most of their non-core activities to outside suppliers, their risk profile has changed dramatically as suppliers today are co-determining the organization’s costs position and operational efficiency. As a result, purchasing as a function moved from the backroom into the boardroom. Public procurement has been embedded over time with complex European legislation, rules and guidelines. However, this development did not go without any dispute. First, by professionalizing purchasing as a function, companies needed to change their governance model. Second, as purchasing moved from one stage of development to the next, terminology, concepts and operating models changed. Today, purchasing is referred to using many terms and definitions. Which are often unclear to managers and employees. Third, new tasks and roles were assigned to purchasing professionals to include contract management, supplier relations management and sustainable sourcing. Also, in academia there seems confusion about what purchasing includes as there is no common understanding of the key concepts underlying the function and the theories that could or should be used to explore purchasing phenomena.

Arjan van Weele is professor emeritus in Purchasing and Supply Management at Eindhoven University of technology, the Netherlands. He is a recognized boardroom consultant in this domain. He has authored many textbooks, publications and academic articles in esteemed scientific journals. He obtained the IPSERA Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to the academic field. He was nominated as a Member of Honour by the Dutch Association of Purchasing Management in the Netherlands. During his active life as a professional he contributed to many international conferences and was a valued guest speaker at many of Silf’s conferences.

Prevent and manage risk through increased collective intelligence in purchasing & logistics

Alexandra Lindahl Philip Roth SCO 2019 Silf     

Alexandra Lindahl and Philip Roth

Management consultant resp. PhD and Management consultant at Influence AB

The fact that collaboration in different forms is a key to efficiency in all organizations is not new. Nevertheless, collaboration is a challenge in most organizations. Philip and Alexandra talk about how collaboration improve by increasing group collective intelligence . Relationship warmness, understanding of roles and tasks, and jointly reflecting on both process and results are key aspects of collective intelligence . How can developed collective intelligence  and increased consensus between customer and supplier chain prevent and manage risk? Reflection, inspiration and knowledge sharing are promised!

Philip works on a daily basis with data-driven change management work, where collective intelligent is a concrete success factor. He has in his research studied how collaboration between individuals, groups and IT systems can be organized to develop knowledge and facilitate learning within companies. Alexandra works primarily with leadership and cultural development programs, change management. She is also responsible for the research study conducted by Influence together with the School of Economics with the hypothesis that collective intelligence developed through a digital tool increases both team performance and their well-being.

How unstructured information can provide valuable insights in the risk management

Anders Nilhlen SCO 2019 Silf     

Anders Niléhn

Management consultant, former VP roles in Supply Chain

Anders has an extensive experience from leading positions in supply, purchasing and R&D. In addition to being a management consultant, he is engaged in start-up activities within FinTech. Here large amounts of information are handled using AI / NLP solutions. With this background, he sees opportunities to streamline processes within both purchasing and delivery. His experience is that it is not just about new ways of working, but also about change management. Anders may come provocative, but he especially hopes to be enthusiastic!

Brains, Gains, and Learning Machines

Alex Beard SCO 2019 Silf     

Alex Beard

Author, Natural Born Learners

Alex has worked in education for a decade. After starting out as an English teacher in a London comprehensive, he completed his MA at the Institute of Education before joining Teach For All, a growing global network working to ensure that the next generation fulfils their potential. He is fortunate to spend his time travelling the world in search of the practices that will shape the future of learning and has written about his experiences for the Guardian, Financial Times, Evening Standard, Independent and Wired. His book Natural Born Learners is a user's guide to transforming learning in the twenty-first century, taking readers on a dazzling global tour into the future of education, from Silicon Valley to Seoul, Helsinki to Hounslow.


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