Negotiate online - opportunities and challenges - Workshop

Costly efficiency?

Learn how to become as successful negotiating online as in the personal meeting. A sustainable negotiating result demands a process that works well, that your goals are clear and not least that your relationship with the other party works. But online negotiations require other preparations if you want to reach success. Because unfortunately, studies show both parties tending to be less satisfied in the online negotiation. Also, there is a lack of trust and loyalty. In other words – you improved efficiency might be costly if paid with less good relationships.

Join us in our workshop and learn more about the challenges and opportunities that lies in online negotiation. During a full day seminar you will get tips and tools to maximize efficiency and profitability.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare yourself and your team for a digital negotiation
  • What is different and to consider?
  • How to set up the implementation in the digital negotiation
  • What you particularly need to focus on during the negotiation

You gain knowledge to handle issues such as:

  • How you read the body language of the other party in the negotiation
  • How to plan the negotiation in terms of time, with breaks
  • How to lead a digital negotiation
  • How to avoid unnecessary traps that can arise due to the technology
  • Actual time difference – when someone has a relative advantage depending on the time of day
  • Language confusion and how to catch it

Who should attend

This knowledge is just as important to buyers as it is to managers in managing their teams. Negotiating digitally involves traditional negotiations such as purchasing and selling, but after a year of the pandemic, managers now also have to negotiate working conditions and wages online. A negotiation situation that requires new and different preparations.

The workshop is aimed at you who are buyers, sellers, logisticians, managers and HR personnel and others who do not yet have a set behavior in their negotiation technique. It is extremely suitable for small and medium-sized companies that cannot spare much time but want to capture the essentials to be more successful in their digital negotiations.

The workshop is a complement to Silfs courses in negotiation FörhandlingsteknikFramgångsrik affärsförhandling, Offentlig förhandling och Advanced Negotiating and Influencing.

Marie Simonsson

Marie Simonsson - webinar förhandling distans

Marie has a degree in economics with a Master of Science in leadership and behavioral science. She has worked as a manager and company leader in Swedish and international companies for more than 20 years and then negotiated both purchases and sales in large parts of the world.

Nowadays, she has her own company and works part-time as a board professional in various companies. The rest of the time she works with education and not least as a teacher at Silf. 

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